A new heated tobacco product might be a viable alternative to e-cigarettes in the United States.

IQOS is one of only two heated tobacco products sold in the United States, breaking with long-standing custom. Since its introduction in the 1990s, (the original) has gone in and out of style several times. When it comes to the timing of its American launch, CNBC noted that IQOS’ arrival comes at a time when the country’s most popular e-cigarette alternative is being attacked by anti-smoking groups.IQOS ILUMA arrives in the Canary Islands to take you to another level of  technology, design and simplicity - Spain's News

The IQOS technology is now being licenced by PMI to Altria, which has a 35% share in the leading e-cigarette company Juul, which is still under development. Juul CEO K.C. Crosthwaite, a former Altria executive who previously served as the company’s chief growth officer, resigned last month after significant concerns about the safety of e-cigarettes and the high prevalence of teenage smoking (CGO). Crosthwaite is credited for helping IQOS get off the ground in the United States, according to reports.

IQOS sales, marketing, and distribution will now be handled by Altria in the United States. IQOS had been seeking FDA certification for almost two years when the regulatory agency eventually gave the device its OK in April of this year. It’s expected that if sales in Atlanta go well, they’ll expand to the rest of the country in a few years.

Electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes both contain nicotine, the substance that is addictive. IQOS, however, does not. IQOS is likely to be used by smokers and iqos electronic cigarette users looking for a healthier option in the coming months. The FDA has authorised this new smoking gadget for sale in the United States, and here’s more information on how it works and why.

What exactly is IQOS, anyway?

IQOS is a device designed to mimic the sensation of smoking without the use of actual tobacco. Pen, carrying case, and “HeatSticks,” which look like little cigarettes, make up this three-part system (although they cannot be consumed on their own). The Marlboro name is on the HeatSticks, which come in two menthol flavours as well as a natural tobacco flavour.


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